We're implementing special engines to drive the future.

Social Implementation
 - 社会実装 -

Jump over the chasm with manifold researchers.

Business Branding
 - ビジネスブランディング -

Warming entrepreneurs up to the burning point.

Event Organize
 - イベント運営 -

Festival, conference and symposium.

System Development
 - システム開発 -

Agile, rapid prototyping.

Operation Orchestra
 - システム運用 -

Continuous integration and delivery.

Data Analysis
 - データ分析 -

Analyze and visualize to the next step.


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About Us

Process and Team.

We are an engineer group who considers individuality, willingness, and creativity as important. We will think what is "smart" with everyone.

Our Process.

- 吸気 -

To discuss with you so that we can make sense each other.

- 圧縮 -

To make the gloomy gas change into some inspiring concepts.

- 爆発 -

To realize something by putting different things together.

- 排気 -

To organize and/or do a particular activity.


Shin'ichiro SUZUKI
Shin'ichiro SUZUKI
Chief "Engineering" Officer
Kouhei BABA
Kouhei BABA
Chief Knowledge Officer
Naoyuki SUZUKI
Naoyuki SUZUKI
Technical Advisor
Keinosuke SAKAI
Keinosuke SAKAI
Licensed Tax Accountant

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